Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day Of School

Tuesday was the first day of school for Ben, Macy and Eleanor. Eleanor had a rough morning before this picture was taken, but after we reassured her that all would be well, she happily went on the school bus.

She didn't even look back as she got on the bus! :)

Everyone has had a great couple of days. In fact, while we were eating dinner on Tuesday, Eleanor said, "I wish it were tomorrow already so I could go back to school."

Here's to a great school year!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ben's "You be the Judge" challenge

You'll notice I added something new on my sidebar. Ben has challenged me to make a pillowcase a day, everyday until the entries for the 2009 "You Be the Judge" contest are due. He knows that the most entries will win a prize and he thinks 365 pillowcases will be the most. The pillowcases will be donated to Conkerr Cancer, a group that provides fun and cheery pillowcases to chronically ill children. What he doesn't know is that I am very committed to the "You be the Judge" contest at our county fair. Although winning is nice, I participate because I like to use my sewing talents to help others.

I'm up for the challenge. I have a lot of cute fabrics in my stash that I can use, but the reality is that I don't have enough to make 365 pillowcases. To buy that fabric will be expensive, so if you have some fun and cute 100% cotton or flannel fabrics you no longer want and would like to donate, please e-mail me (trentmicki1993 at yahoo dot com).

I'll keep track of my progress in the side bar and have periodic updates on my blog.

You Be The Judge Results

Here's the bag for a Head Start student that I entered in this year's "You be the Judge" contest. There are four awards given out. Most votes from Children's Day, most votes from Golden Year's Day, most votes among the Home Arts Building volunteers and most popular vote for the entire time the contest runs (people vote from Sunday-Wednesday.)

I won most popular vote!!!!! Yeah! The only bummer was that last year we received gift cards to Joann's. This year it was to a restaurant that I doubt I'll ever go to! Oh well, I do it just for fun, not the prize. Next year we will be making pillowcases for cancer patients. They'll have an extra contest for most pillowcases made-I'm hoping to win that one!

Friday, August 15, 2008

More fair fun

The kids wanted to go to the fair again to see everything one more time.
Since they were only able to ride one ride it was easier for them to focus on all the other neat things available.
This year Trident had a free picture booth. The pictures turned out very nice. These are just pictures of the pictures since our scanner is not hooked up right now. Sorry for the poor quality.
The photo booth was a dream come true for Ben.
I think he would have spent all day in there if he could.We did manage to go the lost and found to look for his camera. They had a digital camera, but unfortunately it was not his. So it appears to be forever lost. Whoever found it, enjoy it until the battery dies-we have the charger.
I didn't even know he could do this with his eyes.
Macy is my calm and down to earth child.She's very popular with her classmates. I think it's because she's very confident about who she is.
Every picture was exactly the same. Just like Macy.
I guess she just had to get that out of her system.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fair snapshots

I didn't take many pictures this year at the fair because I had Kate in the sling and she makes things hard by grabbing the camera, but here are a few moments that I was able to capture.Playing on the tractors and lawn mowers is always a very popular activity.
Of course we had to stop to eat a funnel cake on the way to the midway.
Claire loves the merry-go-round.
Kate wants to know where her sling went. She thinks it's the best ride at the fair.

And of course we have to get an ice cream cone before we go home. The kids get a free cone as part of the summer reading program at our public library. It's always our last stop before going home.

We have just enough money to go for another visit tomorrow. Everyone knows they'll only get to ride one ride since we didn't use their free ride coupon (from the public library as well) on Monday(they had wristbands). I'm actually glad about this since the rides are my least favorite part. Ben is excited about seeing the lego sculptures and he wants to see all his ribbons again. I'm hoping someone turned in his camera. He thinks he left it where we ate ice cream. We'll see. I also find out tomorrow if I won a prize for "You be the judge" but they'll call me at home. I don't feel very confident this year, so I'll be surprised if I get a call.

Eleanor's results

Eleanor did very well this year too! While she didn't receive a ribbon for everything, I believe there was only one or two things that did not receive some kind of ribbon.

These cookies only received a sixth place in cookies baked by someone 5 and younger, but in the sandwich cookie division it took first! They weren't very pretty, but they were tasty.This is my favorite entry of hers. It took second place. She and Macy are obsessed with putting a rainbow on every picture they draw.
Her skirt took second place in the item sewn by someone 9 and younger.
Her tie dye received an honorable mention.
The best part for Eleanor is the money since she doesn't get an allowance yet. The cookies should get something like $6.00 all by themselves. She'll be wanting me to take her to Target so she can spend it all!

Macy's results

Macy did very well at the fair this year as well. She did not get a ribbon for everything she entered, but what she did get ribbons for did well.

In baking she got a sixth place ribbon for her snickerdoodles in the 6-7 year old cookie category.But they took third place in snickerdoodles in the adult division. This is because in this division she was just competing against just snickerdoodles, but in the 6-7 year olds it against every kind of cookie and brownie, so the competition is much tougher in a way.
Her shorts (on the right) took first place in garment sewn by someone 9 and under. Ellie's skirt is on the left. She was very happy. It was her first blue ribbon ever.
I just love this picture. It's a wild thing chalk drawing from school this year. It took second.
This is another picture I like. She had actually drawn another one that was even better, but we lost it. This one took fourth.
This one took 6th.
Her tie dye took second. She was very pleased about that!
Macy is still learning what is okay for the fair and what isn't. I don't want to hurt her feelings and tell her things won't win, so I just let her enter what she wants and then let her find out for herself. She has a tendency to grab a piece of paper and paint a quick rainbow and want to enter that. Tomorrow we're going to study what won ribbons so she can get a better idea of what the judges are looking for.

Ben's results

I'm pleased to report that Ben received a ribbon for every one of his entries this year.
We had the highest hopes for his brownies, but the judges did not like them as well as we did. He received an honorable mention in the kids class (8-9 year olds) and a fifth place in fancy brownies in the adult division. Go figure.
This picture took first! It was taken at the Frederick Keys game earlier this year.
This picture took sixth. It was taken at the National Zoo. On a sad note, these will be the only pictures Ben takes for a while. We had given him Trent's old digital camera with the understanding if he took good care of it, he could give it to his sister Macy in December and we would get him a brand new one (that took movies with sound) for Christmas. Unfortunately he has trouble keeping track of things and managed to lose the camera at the fair. We called lost and found, but they didn't have it and we will check again when we go back tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful. It was a nice little camera, even if it didn't have very many pixels.
I feel so mean making him buy the camera he wants now, but I'm hoping it will make him keep better track of it. I'm thinking maybe we should have tied it to his pants somehow. It was small and he is a bit of a scatterbrain about things-even if he likes them. Sigh . . .
His pinewood derby car took second.
This picture that he made in art this year took second. He didn't want me to enter anything for him, but I always do and he's always surprised when they win. The picture is hung up wrong, but oh well.
His bee from a school project this year took second.
His tie dye took fourth. I thought his was much better than Macy's which did better. I'm not exactly sure what they look for in the judging of tie dye.
Ben was very excited by the end of the day, although disappointed his brownies didn't do better. He kept saying, "Is there anything else you entered without telling me?" He's so afraid he won't win so he doesn't even want to try, but I think it's good way to learn how to deal with disappointment. There wasn't really much to be disappointed about this year though and he will get some money, which he's very excited about.

Trent's results

Trent did very well at the fair this year! Out of four pictures, he got a 2nd place on this one:

His toilet took fourth place out of sixteen contestants. Out of everyone we talked to it was their favorite. Unfortunately it was not looking so good even just a few days after he entered it. That's what happens with the toilets being outside in the elements.
Finally his collection of restaurant business cards took fifth. I think he was hoping for higher, but I think it was fine especially since it was a last minute kind of entry.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Two times a champion!

A very good year at the fair! Before I show how I did, I wanted to explain how they do things at our fair. In most major categories, you can win a champion, but still not be the Grand Champion/Best in Show. So in the Clothing Department, there are smaller subgroups that can be awarded a champion ribbon. For example, my pink baby coat won a champion ribbon for Children's Better Dress Outfits. Within this division there are categories such as lined coat birth-6, lined coat 7-12, boys three piece suit, etc. Each of those categories awards 1, 2, 3 ,etc. place. Then those first place winners are judged for champion of that division. There are 14 divisions in clothing. There used to be less, but they added four or five a couple of years ago when they moved smocking/hand sewing in with clothing.

On this dress, I did receive a best in show, but only for smocking. Again, I'm not sure why they did this since Smocking doesn't have it's own department anymore. Maybe they're hoping it will have it's own department again in the future, I'm not sure. There weren't very many entries, and there are fewer and fewer every year. This year was a little better than last though. They will make it very clear to me when I pick up the dress that I didn't get best in show in the clothing department. I understand that, I'm fine with that, but they always seem to think I might misunderstand!
Pink Velour Dress-first placeFourth PlaceThird Place
Tie Dye-second place
Doll Clothes-first placesmocked jumper-first place
skirt-first place
jumper dress and infant garment-first place for both!

My cookies, pineapple upside-down cake and the cheesecake all won a red ribbon. I'm pleased! It's interesting though, a couple of years ago, I entered the same exact pineapple upside down cake recipe and it won a blue. You never know.

The photos of Macy on the tractor and the cupcakes did not receive a ribbon.

Here is a picture of the completed bag for "you be the judge". I would love to win and I liked mine best, but it didn't really stand out among all the other bags, so I'm not very hopeful that it will win. Of course it's for a good cause and that's the most important thing!

I'm exhausted, my shoes smell like a barn and we are still on the nit patrol, so I need to go to bed. I will post how all the rest of my family did at the fair tomorrow. Hopefully!