Friday, December 02, 2011

Another donation of Hair!

After much fussing and fighting with Claire's hair and my suggestion that she get her hair cut and donate her hair to Locks of Love, Claire finally said okay! I had purchased a Living Social deal for a hair cut at Claire's favorite hair cutting place as they cater to kids. We haven't been in forever because they're expensive and the results have been less than great the last few times we've went. I've been cutting the kids hair at home with equal or better results. But I figured this would be pretty straight forward. What could go wrong? Famous last words.

Before! Every time I see this picture, I cry a little bit.

Measuring. Apparently not doing a good job at it! She said we needed to make two pony tales because Claire's hair was so thick.

Cutting. I want to yell "STOP!" I had a bad feeling from the beginning when she seemed so unsure. I should have just walked out, but Claire was so happy.

Two pony tails in her hand. One is long enough for Locks of Love, the other is not. Boo!!! The good news is they are plenty long for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths hair donation program, so we are donating them after all!

After what seemed like the world's longest hair cut and more frustration on my part (I kid you not, the hair stylist wasted another 2-3 inches in trying to get it even and even then it's still shorter on one side than the other), Claire was finished. When I first saw this picture I thought Claire looked a lot like Eleanor! She likes her hair, although she's upset it's shorter on one side as well. She wants me to fix it, but at this point, we're just going to let it go. Her hair grows pretty fast and at least for the next few months we shouldn't have the same brushing, washing hair issues that we've had for a while now.