Thursday, August 14, 2008

Macy's results

Macy did very well at the fair this year as well. She did not get a ribbon for everything she entered, but what she did get ribbons for did well.

In baking she got a sixth place ribbon for her snickerdoodles in the 6-7 year old cookie category.But they took third place in snickerdoodles in the adult division. This is because in this division she was just competing against just snickerdoodles, but in the 6-7 year olds it against every kind of cookie and brownie, so the competition is much tougher in a way.
Her shorts (on the right) took first place in garment sewn by someone 9 and under. Ellie's skirt is on the left. She was very happy. It was her first blue ribbon ever.
I just love this picture. It's a wild thing chalk drawing from school this year. It took second.
This is another picture I like. She had actually drawn another one that was even better, but we lost it. This one took fourth.
This one took 6th.
Her tie dye took second. She was very pleased about that!
Macy is still learning what is okay for the fair and what isn't. I don't want to hurt her feelings and tell her things won't win, so I just let her enter what she wants and then let her find out for herself. She has a tendency to grab a piece of paper and paint a quick rainbow and want to enter that. Tomorrow we're going to study what won ribbons so she can get a better idea of what the judges are looking for.

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