Sunday, May 15, 2011

International Night!!!

Ben's school had their first annual International Night and I hosted the England table seeing as my grandmother was born there and my grandfather's family came from there and all of Trent's ancestors too. I've usually shared the England table at our elementary school's multicultural night with someone who is actually from Britain, but I was on my own at the middle school.
In the top two pictures the kids are filling out a form with a list of different well known British authors, buildings, etc. There was a drawing for whoever got them all right. They won a basket of British goodies and the latest Harry Potter DVD. Everyone seemed to enjoy this interactive way to learn more about England!

This game is called, "So You Think You Know English". I made it for the Elementary school multicultural night, but it was a bigger hit with the Middle school crowd. On the left are 14 British words and in the bag on the bottom were 14 of the equivalent American words. You had to match them up and then lift the British word side to see if you matched them all up correctly.

I had a display of popular English foods and treats. I made the lemon curd myself although I didn't temper the eggs well enough and it had little bits of egg. A bit embarrassing, but still very tasty. I also had real clotted cream! Very rich and yummy. Tastes a bit like butter, but better. I would love to try it fresh!

I served homemade scones (Recipe found here.) Chocolate chip were the favorite. I also served Ribena, a black currant drink, which I learned is a popular drink in England. It goes back to World War II. More interesting info on Ribena here. I would have served tea, but having a grandmother who was born in England does not make me a good tea maker. Mixing Ribena with water was much more my speed.

Finally I dressed as Jane Austen. I've always wanted a pretty dress like this and this was my excuse to make one. If you're interested in finding out all the particulars on what I went through to make the dress, click on my pattern review on the side bar. You'll have to become a member of pattern review, but it's free.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Claire!!

This crazy girl of mine is 6!!! Hard to believe she'll be in first grade next year!!.