Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Misadventures of The Science Fair Project

In December (?) Ben brings home paper for science fair project. Ben must turn in idea for science fair project by Jan. 9th. Mom encourages Ben to think of idea and turn in ASAP. Ben looks at his mother askance. He would never consider turning in anything before it was actually due.

Ben decides to do an experiment on what will sink and float. Mom reminds Ben that he is no longer in kindergarten and must think of a science experiment that is more in keeping with being in fourth grade. Ben is stumped.

Knowing that Ben loves cars and has learned how to measure angles in math this year, mom suggests some type of experiment where Ben will measure the difference in how long it takes a toy car to go a certain distance and whether or not the angle of the track affects the time it takes. Mom wonders aloud if the greater the angle will always make the car go faster. Ben likes the idea and quickly writes down project idea for teacher approval. This is done one week before due date. Ben refuses to turn in paper early.

Ben takes paper to school on Jan. 9th. Mom discovers paper on Jan.13th in Ben's assignment folder and asks him if his teacher has approved the experiment. Ben looks confused. Mom determines that Ben has forgotten to turn in paper to teacher. Ben loses computer time and promises to turn in paper the next day. Ben remembers with help from a note from Mom and gets approval.

Four days before project is due, Ben remembers he needs to work on his science fair project.
First he takes a picture of the cool car he will use in his experiment. He bought it in NYC.
With help from Dad, Ben measures the angle of his ramp. He starts at 5 degrees and increases each run by 5 degrees. Note $10.00 protractor. Okay, the protractor was only $2.99 if purchased alone, but Mom decides to get the kit with a calculator, compass, other rulers and a handy carrying bag for $10.00.
Now Ben waits for the signal to let go of the car.Here is mom with her cell phone. Note that it has a stop watch. Mom does not notice this until after she spends $10.00 on a stop watch at Target. The very same day she is waiting for her children to get off the bus (it was a single digit day and Kate was sick) in her warm van and decides to play with her phone. She discovers the stop watch. Mom goes back to Target the next day, returns $10.00 stop watch and buys $80.00 of other stuff.

Experiment commences. Kate starts to fuss. Claire continues to run into track. Mom is about to lose her mind. All decide track is too short. Ben is sent to look for more track.
While looking for more track, Ben loses his car. At this point it's 5:30 and mom needs to start dinner. She sends Ben to find the lost car or at least get another car. Mom starts the pasta and bbq beans on the stove. Gets hamburgers ready to broil in the oven. Gives Kate a graham cracker to keep her happy. Ben is no where to be found. Ben has forgotten we are working on his science fair experiment. Mom pounds her head against the wall.
Ben gets another car and a picture is taken for science fair portfolio. Extra pieces of track are added and experiment recommences. Claire jumps on track. Kate loses graham cracker and begins to fuss. Pasta water begins to boil and beans are bubbling. Mom picks up Kate, pours in pasta and turns down beans. Ready, set, GO! Unfortunately everyone else says GO!, but mom. Mom is the one holding the stop watch. Mom threatens anyone who even thinks of saying GO! other than her. Room is once again quiet.

Mom says GO! Ben lets go of car. Mom starts stop watch. Mom stops stop watch. No she doesn't. Mom hits internet browser button on phone. Ben must repeat the run. Pasta is starting to bubble over, mom turns down stove. Everyone starts again. Mom hits the wrong button again. Will this ever end?

Soon all runs are completed and recorded. Dinner is ready. Mom is looking forward to working on Science Fair portfolio with Ben tomorrow. Or maybe not.

Class Basket

Another year, another class basket for the school auction. This year's basket had the theme of scrapbooking. I ended up making this basket for another class since all of my children's classes already had someone and they needed me to help out a class who didn't. (Did that make sense?) It made it easier not to add too many things myself since I already had donated to three other baskets. I didn't get very many donations, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. The best part of the basket was the rolling tote. It was $70.00 at Michaels and I had a 50% coupon for JoAnn Fabrics. Michael's accepts competitor's coupons and so it was mine for only $35.00. I had collected $26.00 in cash and so I covered the rest.

Now I'm off to make some burp clothes and diaper name tags for a baby shower that I'm helping to host next Saturday! Stay tuned for a recount of our adventure's in working on Ben's science fair project!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Easy Bake Oven

Macy received an Easy-Bake oven for Christmas. We decided while Ben and Trent were in New York, we would try it out. The hardest part was just finding a 100watt light bulb that wasn't a long life or soft light. After a trip to Target, we were ready to go.
After a few lessons on how to use the oven, Macy was ready to go. Here she is sliding a tray of cookies into her oven. I still find it amazing that you can bake cookies or a cake just using a light bulb. I remember having an Easy-Bake oven when I was Macy's age, but it seemed much harder to use. Maybe it was, I know we only used it once.

Sugar cookies are always better with frosting!
The cookies were pretty tasty considering who knows how old the cookie mix that came with the oven was. Macy has offered to bake and frost the cakes for Kate's birthday. I may never have to bake again!

Ben loves New York

For Ben's 10th birthday, Trent took him to NYC. Ben has had a real fascination with New York for the past year or so. When we asked him if he would like to go, he was more than willing.

For only $36.00 round trip for the both of them, Trent and Ben took the Bolt bus from downtown DC. Quite a deal!
This is what Ben wanted to see the most. He is fascinated with tall buildings, but this is his favorite.

Of course they had to visit the library. Ben hasn't met a library he didn't like.
Another favorite area was Times Square. Lucky for him the hotel was very close. Unlucky for Trent, it made for a noisy couple of nights. At least it was convenient.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years. As they say, the days were long, but the years were short. I thank God for letting me have you. You have brought joy to my life. I love you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Catching Up

I finally have a few moments to splurge on the computer.

Up until today only Macy was sick with a tiny cold that made her voice raspy. Today Kate has a runny nose!

I am catching up on my self initiated bible study with these ladies. I read and work on my lesson each night while sitting with Kate as she gets used to sleeping in her crib. It takes a while, but nobody bothers me.

I joined face book because someone from my children's school invited me. I discovered an old friend from college. I asked her to be my friend. What if she says no?

I found an old friend from high school, she said she would be my friend.

I have aged a lot more than some of the people I used to know. When I graduated from college everyone thought I was graduating from high school. I definitely look my age (or older!) now. I always wished I would look older. I got my wish!

Ben and Trent are in NYC for Ben's 10th birthday.

My neighbor's daughter came over to say she's having a birthday party tonight and to please not call the police if the music gets too loud. I told her to turn down the music when it gets late. I'm looking forward to tonight-NOT.

I actually bought some fabric to make some burp clothes for a shower I'm helping throw in two weeks. Not hard sewing, but sewing none-the-less.

Now to finish the boxer shorts I cut out for my husband 2 (3?), years ago.

I'm almost caught up with the laundry. Please no more lice, stomach bugs or any other similar catastrophe. I am so thankful for our washing machine and dryer.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I. am. so. tired.

One baby with pneumonia.
One husband who almost passed out because he has an electrolyte imbalance.
Two children with head lice.
More laundry than I care to even think about.
One nasty case of mastitis.
Two children with coughs that make sleeping difficult.
A dirty/dusty house because who's had time to clean since Thanksgiving?
I. need. some. sleep.
Pray for me.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I would like some cheese with this whine.

I had a stressful Christmas. Kate had pink eye which I got plus I had a horrible ear infection (that is still not quite gone) with a lovely pounding headache to go with it and so I was in much pain and misery while I was getting everyone packed up and ready to go on a trip I did not want to go on. I kept telling myself that I was doing this for the kids and Trent, but I never felt good and it was a struggle the entire time. I wasn't very happy and so I wasn't much fun to be around. Kate came down with a new respiratory virus the day we left to come back home and so we seemed to be back where we were before we even left.
This is what we made for Christmas presents. They didn't turn out very well and looked very homemade. I meant to get these sent out before Christmas, but I was sick and Kate was sick and we had to leave and it never got done. I won't be mailing them anytime soon since after I took this picture I knocked them off the table and they broke.

Let's hope 2009 a bit more fairworthy.