Monday, August 11, 2008

Two times a champion!

A very good year at the fair! Before I show how I did, I wanted to explain how they do things at our fair. In most major categories, you can win a champion, but still not be the Grand Champion/Best in Show. So in the Clothing Department, there are smaller subgroups that can be awarded a champion ribbon. For example, my pink baby coat won a champion ribbon for Children's Better Dress Outfits. Within this division there are categories such as lined coat birth-6, lined coat 7-12, boys three piece suit, etc. Each of those categories awards 1, 2, 3 ,etc. place. Then those first place winners are judged for champion of that division. There are 14 divisions in clothing. There used to be less, but they added four or five a couple of years ago when they moved smocking/hand sewing in with clothing.

On this dress, I did receive a best in show, but only for smocking. Again, I'm not sure why they did this since Smocking doesn't have it's own department anymore. Maybe they're hoping it will have it's own department again in the future, I'm not sure. There weren't very many entries, and there are fewer and fewer every year. This year was a little better than last though. They will make it very clear to me when I pick up the dress that I didn't get best in show in the clothing department. I understand that, I'm fine with that, but they always seem to think I might misunderstand!
Pink Velour Dress-first placeFourth PlaceThird Place
Tie Dye-second place
Doll Clothes-first placesmocked jumper-first place
skirt-first place
jumper dress and infant garment-first place for both!

My cookies, pineapple upside-down cake and the cheesecake all won a red ribbon. I'm pleased! It's interesting though, a couple of years ago, I entered the same exact pineapple upside down cake recipe and it won a blue. You never know.

The photos of Macy on the tractor and the cupcakes did not receive a ribbon.

Here is a picture of the completed bag for "you be the judge". I would love to win and I liked mine best, but it didn't really stand out among all the other bags, so I'm not very hopeful that it will win. Of course it's for a good cause and that's the most important thing!

I'm exhausted, my shoes smell like a barn and we are still on the nit patrol, so I need to go to bed. I will post how all the rest of my family did at the fair tomorrow. Hopefully!

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mamafitz said...

congratulations! wow, what a haul!