Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Silent Auction Sewing

Our school's silent auction is this coming up Saturday and I've been busy making a few things to donate.

First we have this lovely bag. What? You don't see a bag?

Here it is all open now. I made five of these, but one kind of got messed up so we kept that one and donated four. I found the instructions here. One change I made was to serge the edges and just turn them down and stitch instead of binding with bias tape. Saved time and money. I also made an insulated bag with directions from here. I forgot to take a picture, but I used the same material as the folding bags. It looked a little something like this (but more blue):

(I made this one as a Christmas present)

Here we have the class basket for Claire's class. The theme was "Let's Pretend". I made all sorts of great things for this basket. The masks I made using or adapting patterns from here. The capes I made using a pattern I found here. I had a lot of fun with this basket!

Every princess needs a cape and mask!

Here's Claire modeling the crown and the cape. I didn't have thread that matched exactly for the top stitching which didn't really matter around the edge of the cape, but really stuck out at the neck where I sewed the velcro, so I glued some jewels there to cover it up. Looks like I planned it all along! Claire woke up with very sore, puffy eyes on this day, so she didn't want to model the mask. I made the crown by tracing a foam crown I had from Michaels that cost a dollar. I added rhinestones and jewels to make it fit for a princess.

Love this mask!


I love how this one turned out!!!

I made this set twice. Once for Eleanor's Class basket "Cooking with kids" and another set for Claire's basket. I got the pattern for the hat from I don't remember where I got the pattern for the apron, but if you google child's apron, you will find lots of ideas!!!

Can't wait to see how much money everything brings in. I hope lots!!!