Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fairworthy Cheesecake

Well yesterday we had friends over for dinner and I used the opportunity to make a new dessert with the hopes that if it was good, then I might have something worth entering in the fair next summer. I think we have something that is definitely fairworthy! I made a Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake that I saw on Smitten Kitchen .I encountered only two problems. First I discovered I only had two blocks of cream cheese and one of neufchatel cheese instead of the three regular cream cheeses called for (I just used what I had). Second, I had failed to bake the cheesecake long enough so that when we cut into it the center was still oozing. That was kind of gross.

Anyway, the cheesecake was every bit as good as we had hoped. I followed the reciped exactly except for the cream cheese problem and I didn't have bittersweet chocolate, so I used a Hershey's Dark bar we had been given. My husband said upon eating another slice today, "You need to enter this in the fair." The last time someone told me that about a cheesecake it won a blue ribbon. So this will definitely go in the "to make next year" file. Click on the links above for the recipe. My picture isn't as nice as the one on Smitten Kitchen's website, but I bet it was just as tasty! Go there now and make this cheesecake. You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fair Results

This is my first entry! I just wanted to use this to keep track of my sewing/crafting projects that I work on throughout the year. Every August I then take what I deem is Fairworthy and enter them. Sometimes the judges agree and sometimes they don't! This year I entered 9 items in the fair. Four photographs, cookies and two dresses. I only got two ribbons and those were for the two dresses. It was a slow year for me! Here are pictures of the items that did get a ribbon:

The above dress is one I made for my daughter Ellie for her first day of preschool last year. It received a red ribbon.
This dress is one I made for my daughter Macy for her first day of Kindergarten. I was very surprised to get a champion ribbon for it! I didn't think it was very good and didn't think it was fairworthy, but my husband encouraged me to enter it since there are fewer and fewer entries every year. So it took a champion ribbon in the smocking division of the clothing section of the home arts building. Now I will tell you that I wouldn't have given it more than a red and it was one of only three items entered for smocking. Let's hope I can get a few more items finished this year-ones I feel are truly worthy of a big purple ribbon!