Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eleanor's results

Eleanor did very well this year too! While she didn't receive a ribbon for everything, I believe there was only one or two things that did not receive some kind of ribbon.

These cookies only received a sixth place in cookies baked by someone 5 and younger, but in the sandwich cookie division it took first! They weren't very pretty, but they were tasty.This is my favorite entry of hers. It took second place. She and Macy are obsessed with putting a rainbow on every picture they draw.
Her skirt took second place in the item sewn by someone 9 and younger.
Her tie dye received an honorable mention.
The best part for Eleanor is the money since she doesn't get an allowance yet. The cookies should get something like $6.00 all by themselves. She'll be wanting me to take her to Target so she can spend it all!

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