Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fair snapshots

I didn't take many pictures this year at the fair because I had Kate in the sling and she makes things hard by grabbing the camera, but here are a few moments that I was able to capture.Playing on the tractors and lawn mowers is always a very popular activity.
Of course we had to stop to eat a funnel cake on the way to the midway.
Claire loves the merry-go-round.
Kate wants to know where her sling went. She thinks it's the best ride at the fair.

And of course we have to get an ice cream cone before we go home. The kids get a free cone as part of the summer reading program at our public library. It's always our last stop before going home.

We have just enough money to go for another visit tomorrow. Everyone knows they'll only get to ride one ride since we didn't use their free ride coupon (from the public library as well) on Monday(they had wristbands). I'm actually glad about this since the rides are my least favorite part. Ben is excited about seeing the lego sculptures and he wants to see all his ribbons again. I'm hoping someone turned in his camera. He thinks he left it where we ate ice cream. We'll see. I also find out tomorrow if I won a prize for "You be the judge" but they'll call me at home. I don't feel very confident this year, so I'll be surprised if I get a call.

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mamafitz said...

what fun! i think it's so cool that the whole family enters stuff. i can't get anyone to join me here.