Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ben's results

I'm pleased to report that Ben received a ribbon for every one of his entries this year.
We had the highest hopes for his brownies, but the judges did not like them as well as we did. He received an honorable mention in the kids class (8-9 year olds) and a fifth place in fancy brownies in the adult division. Go figure.
This picture took first! It was taken at the Frederick Keys game earlier this year.
This picture took sixth. It was taken at the National Zoo. On a sad note, these will be the only pictures Ben takes for a while. We had given him Trent's old digital camera with the understanding if he took good care of it, he could give it to his sister Macy in December and we would get him a brand new one (that took movies with sound) for Christmas. Unfortunately he has trouble keeping track of things and managed to lose the camera at the fair. We called lost and found, but they didn't have it and we will check again when we go back tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful. It was a nice little camera, even if it didn't have very many pixels.
I feel so mean making him buy the camera he wants now, but I'm hoping it will make him keep better track of it. I'm thinking maybe we should have tied it to his pants somehow. It was small and he is a bit of a scatterbrain about things-even if he likes them. Sigh . . .
His pinewood derby car took second.
This picture that he made in art this year took second. He didn't want me to enter anything for him, but I always do and he's always surprised when they win. The picture is hung up wrong, but oh well.
His bee from a school project this year took second.
His tie dye took fourth. I thought his was much better than Macy's which did better. I'm not exactly sure what they look for in the judging of tie dye.
Ben was very excited by the end of the day, although disappointed his brownies didn't do better. He kept saying, "Is there anything else you entered without telling me?" He's so afraid he won't win so he doesn't even want to try, but I think it's good way to learn how to deal with disappointment. There wasn't really much to be disappointed about this year though and he will get some money, which he's very excited about.

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