Friday, August 15, 2008

More fair fun

The kids wanted to go to the fair again to see everything one more time.
Since they were only able to ride one ride it was easier for them to focus on all the other neat things available.
This year Trident had a free picture booth. The pictures turned out very nice. These are just pictures of the pictures since our scanner is not hooked up right now. Sorry for the poor quality.
The photo booth was a dream come true for Ben.
I think he would have spent all day in there if he could.We did manage to go the lost and found to look for his camera. They had a digital camera, but unfortunately it was not his. So it appears to be forever lost. Whoever found it, enjoy it until the battery dies-we have the charger.
I didn't even know he could do this with his eyes.
Macy is my calm and down to earth child.She's very popular with her classmates. I think it's because she's very confident about who she is.
Every picture was exactly the same. Just like Macy.
I guess she just had to get that out of her system.

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