Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm not the only one sewing!

My girls are sewing!!!! Now if I can manage to not totally scare them off or drive myself crazy trying to keep them from sewing over their fingers.Macy is sewing a pair of shorts. She's almost finished. She just needs to do the waistband and hem the legs. She's doing pretty well with the whole sewing thing, although she doesn't want to trim her seams. Who would have thought trying to show someone how to sew a straight line could be so stressful!
Here we have Eleanor holding the fabric so tightly that the machine is pretty much sewing in place. She made a skirt which she finished yesterday and wore to church today. I meant to take a picture of her wearing it. It's in the wash now to prepare it for the fair. She's very proud of her skirt.
And finally the all important pressing of the seams. I don't know which was more nerve racking watching them sew or watching them press!

Tomorrow I'm going to cut out a skirt for Claire using the same fabric as Eleanor's skirt. Claire is going to sit on my lap and we are going to sew it together and enter it in the fair under my name, but she gets to keep the ribbon. She's very excited. She's still a bit too young to enter anything, so she's thrilled at the chance to do something.

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