Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clothing (handsewn and smocked)-Constructed garment with Picture smocking

My latest creation is finished. I remade an old dress of mine into a jumper dress for Eleanor. Since the purple gingham was supposed to be for Macy but it's almost too short for her now, I made this a bit bigger to fit her and Eleanor. They pretty much wear the same size, Macy's just taller. Since they are both growing so much I had to use a bigger pattern than I have been to make the jumper and almost didn't have enough fabric. Just squeaked out enough!
I'm pleased with the smocking, although I had to rip out the B and move it over because I miscounted my pleats when I started and now I can't seem to get the black out of where the stitching was before. Hope they don't mind. Also I had used French seams, but the dress was way too big and I had to take it in. I ended up just turning under the seams and stitching them. I realize now I could have just left it the way it was and fixed it after the fair, but I knew I might never get to it. The seam finishes are nice, if not heirloom, but the dress is not really an heirloom type of item anyway.

Working on a baby outfit for a friend's soon to be born grandson. I'm hoping it's good enough to enter in the fair as well. Also knitting on some socks for Macy. Hope to finish those as well. Not getting enough sleep and I was pretty cranky today. Not good, so I need to sleep more and get done what I can and think about next year!

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