Sunday, July 06, 2008

A few days with some trains and other things

We went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania last week. It has become a family tradition to go every summer. I took the kids by myself three years ago and we had so much fun, we keep going back.
Here we are at the Choo Choo Barn. It's this great place that has a model train layout that is a miniature of Lancaster. We spent a long time here. We kept walking around and around seeing new things each time. We also went to the Railroad Museum in Strasburg while we were there.The next day we went to Dutch Wonderland. So much fun! Weather was perfect and we had a great time.
Our final day we went to the Hands On House which is a children's museum in Lancaster. It's small and Ben got bored pretty quickly, but as you can see, he did manage to play a little!

Remember the presents I made for a baby bulldog? Well he's not really a dog, but he was born on July 2nd! Caleb is doing well and I finally finished his final present. I made this using Simplicity 5115. I wish I could say it was fairworthy, but unfortunately it's not. It's cute and fine, but there are too many things that I'm not happy about. The buttons are very cute though and Caleb will look adorable in it about a year from now. The material was a bear to work with and I should have given it a good starching to give it more body. It would have made it easier to work with. I'm glad it's finished.

Speaking of the fair, it's looming and I've not been able to get anything done unless I'm the passenger of a moving car since Kate has not been feeling good and I'm having to hold her almost 24/7. I'm wasting dish washing time just to post this! Well I'll get done what I can. Wish me luck!

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