Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coat, lined (under six years of age)

Another project finished. I started this coat on a whim for Kate since I figured I could probably finish it before the fair and it would be clean. If I can get Macy's coat clean, I'll enter it too under Coat, lined (7-12 years) but it's very dirty and I'm not hopeful. You can't enter it if it isn't clean and without stains (except for the hem of a wedding dress). It's a Butterick pattern and I made a small, just one size up from Newborn and it's still huge on her. I'm not sure if she'll grow enough to wear it this winter or not.

I felt like Macy's coat was rather plain and I had wanted to embellish it, but I never got a chance and was glad to just finish it in time for her to wear it this past winter. I had a lot of car time this summer with our various trips and so I tried my hand at some embroidery. I based my designs on a silk ribbon pattern I saw in a recent issue of Sew Beautiful.

The materials are all leftover from Macy's coat except for the buttons, so this was a real stash buster. I hate this wool! It's too thick for anything and very difficult to handle. I discovered that I could separate it into two thinner pieces and have started to do that to make Macy's American Doll a coat to match hers. If I can get that done and a few more pieces by next Thursday, I'll have something else to enter plus I'll have some of Macy's birthday/Christmas presents done! Time is running out though.

I just finished another smocked dress tonight and will try to take pictures tomorrow. Things are really coming along and my house isn't too messy yet! I feel good about this year even though I'm not sure I'll get the big ribbon. We have so many talented ladies and although I'm pleased with my work this year, every piece has given me enough trouble that I don't feel overly confident about any of them!

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