Sunday, July 22, 2012

And the fair countdown begins!

Yes, the fair is only 17 days away, but believe or not I've been pretty busy these past few weeks. Starting tomorrow (or the next day) I hope to start posting every day giving updates on things I'm working on or finishing up. I can't promise pictures every time, but I'm using my friend Elaine as my inspiration to finally get something posted on this blog!

The penguin above I made for my friend Judy. She is getting a new grandbaby (her first!) and wanted a penguin something. I'm actually making three things for her grandbaby, but this is the first thing I finished. I have a hat on some needles right now. About 1/2 way done on that one. Using the same yarn as I made the hat and scarf for the penguin above. Rumor has it that penguins are taking over the Home Arts building this year. I have to do my part to contribute to the madness!

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Elaine Edwards said...

OMGosh...He's adorable!