Sunday, July 29, 2012

11 days and counting

I'm off to crochet a rose for my felted bag which turned out very nice. This time I crocheted the handles so maybe the judges will like that better. I'm also crocheting a different flower than the one I made last year. The yarn for the purse and flower are the same as I had it leftover from last year and wanted to use it up.

My friend Elaine's husband commented that the reason why I was able to enter 11 different categories is because I don't watch TV. That's true! I don't really watch TV at all. We don't have cable and ever since they switched from analog signals to digital we rarely can get a regular station anyway. I will admit though, that I do watch a few things on the internet if I need to stay up late to finish something up as it helps keep me awake. I will admit that my friend Elaine is a very fast knitter/crocheter and she could get a lot more of those items done with less mistakes than I ever could! Also, I usually enter a lot more items in the clothing division and less in everything else, but this year I tried to work on adding some new categories and as a result, I may only have 3-4 items to enter in that category and nothing that will really be show stoppers for a big purple ribbon, but I'm okay with that.

Three of my children are off to camp this week and the other two have their mornings filled with activities, so I hope to accomplish a lot this week or at the very least complete a couple of my projects on my list!


mamafitz said...

yeah, people ask me how i find the time to do all the stuff i do, and it's the same thing: i don't watch tv. i know some people sew or knit whilst watching tv or movies, but i just can't do that. my mom gave me a little tv for my sewing room for my birthday this year, and while i do like it a lot, i don't watch it while i'm working. it's more so that i don't have to battle the rest of the family to have a spot to watch what i want.

Elaine Edwards said...

You inspire me to change the way we do things around our house. I already blogged today and I'm planning on writing more about it tomorrow but, you inspire me!