Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break Day 1-Cupcake Bites

It's Spring Break in the Palmer House and that can only mean one thing. Five children at home with nothing to do! I, their crazy mom, had this great idea that we would make cupcake bites like Bakerella. It looked so easy. Even Pioneer Woman made them with her daughters, so of course I could do it with my children. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Okay, stop laughing. It wasn't that bad. Let's take a look shall we?
First we made the cake and crumpled it up into a bowl and added the frosting. We used a white cake mix and vanilla frosting because that's what the kids wanted to use. Besides I had those on hand which I bought with double coupons. They were cheap!

Ben doesn't look to sure about this. He never was one to play with play dough. Come on Ben, it's not that bad!
Much better!

The girls have always liked to play with play dough, so they dug right in.

Here they are ready to go into the freezer. The next part is to form the bottoms. I wanted to take the easy road and use candy molds for the bottoms, but Michael's was out of the candy molds I needed. The cashier said they were unloading the truck right now and I could come check next week. Yeah right. So I bought some tiny cookie cutters that looked like flowers and formed the bottoms myself. It was tricky work and even then they looked terrible.

Then came the dipping part. Everyone had fun with that part. Well Kate didn't because she was taking a nap for part of it and Claire would just throw the whole cupcake bite into the bowl. She's a bit of a wild child.

Here they are with the bottoms coated. We dipped the tops after they hardened a bit.
Then we added an M&M and some sprinkles.

Here's the first one we finished. Not Bakerella, but not so bad.

Here's a few more.

Here's Kate. She woke up from her nap about halfway through the process. She helped us by eating M&M's and watching the Wiggles. She wants to know when the cupcake bites will be ready.
Here's the older four hard at work. The kids really enjoyed the bites, but to be honest I think you could cover a dirt ball in chocolate and they would eat it and think it tasted good. Trent and I thought they were just okay.

I would like to make the easier version with the candy molds and use red velvet cake mix with cream cheese frosting like Bakerella does to see if I like that flavor better.

Here's Claire explaining how to make the cupcake bites. If you need more info, go visit Bakerella. She's the queen of the cupcake bite. If anything, just go to see how many wonderful ideas she has come up with.

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