Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Break Day 3-The National Zoo

Today we went to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park or we just like to call it the National Zoo.
We saw animals that you can't see just anywhere.

Sea lions, (or were they seals? I forget.)

pygmy hippos,


(What? You don't believe they have cows at the zoo? They do, it's true and you can't see them just anywhere. I know for a fact that if I look out my front window, I will not see a cow. So we make sure to see them when we go to the zoo.)

and my favorite, cuttlefish.

I used to be an intern an the invertebrate exhibit where the cuttlefish lives. That was right after I graduated from high school. About a million years ago. Have you ever fed a cuttlefish? I have. It's fun. I've even fed baby cuttlefish. That's even more fun than feeding big cuttlefish. I've also fed an octopus, brittle stars, sea anemones, and lobsters. You know what we fed all those things? Shrimp. Like the kind you buy in the store. No kidding. Well actually we fed the baby cuttlefish glass shrimp (otherwise know as ghost shrimp) and they were so fun to watch, grabbing the shrimp that was as big as they were, shooting ink all over the place. I guess you had to be there.

Moving on.

In addition to looking at animals, we also climbed on top of statues that look like animals.

We ate lunch.

More climbing.


We took lots of pictures.

Kate was upset because everyone had a camera except her. I lent her mine and here are some pictures of the animals she enjoyed (starting from the top left corner, going clockwise) zebras, cheetahs, tigers and the pandas. Kate has quite the view from her stroller doesn't she?

This was the last picture of a busy day. The zoo was crowded, but not horribly so. Minimal whining and fighting over who could climb on which statue first. Even Kate did a super job considering she couldn't really see much. On the agenda for tomorrow? Lunch with Dad!

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Audrey said...

And I was so excited that the Boise zoo now has a giraffe!! My kids are deprived. At least we can see cows just down the road though!