Friday, April 17, 2009


Do you see that big pile of fabric? Those are all pillowcases waiting to be sewn. There's at least 120, maybe a few more. I've sewn one. I've been cutting and ripping and matching and buying and this is what I have. Unless we get a bunch of donations or we come across some money, we probably won't make the 365 because it's just too expensive, but 120+ is not bad! I even had the cub scouts (in Ben's den) make pillowcases for their craftsman badge. They'll keep theirs. Macy and Eleanor have picked out their fabrics and Ben wants to go shopping for his. This will be their first year to enter "You be the judge."

I'm not sure if I'll win for most sewn. I hope so, since none of the pillowcases I've cut out so far have really just grabbed me as a big vote getter. Not too worried since it's all for a good cause and that's why I do it!

I'm glad to say the pillowcases have also helped me get out of a sewing funk. I'm working on a muslin for a friend who will be in a wedding and I did my first successful full bust adjustment. I've bought a few patterns and hope to work on those soon. I've also started making headway on all those boxer shorts I've cut out for Trent. Now if I could only get further along on the girl's smocked dresses. Seems for every step I make forward, I go 3 back!

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