Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girl Scout Camping

Last weekend Macy's brownie troop went camping for the very first time. Okay, not real camping, just sleeping in a large cabin on a Girl Scout camping facility, but for all intents and purposes, camping. I thought Macy could go without me like she's done on every single brownie outing since I had Kate, but this one required parent participation. Since I am still nursing Kate, an overnight was out of the question.
Macy was the only girl who wasn't going to be able to go, so they bent the rules a bit and let us come for crafts and dinner. Woo Hoo! They did this because Macy is a sweet and wonderful girl. Everyone likes her-kids and grown ups. I even like her. She's very popular in an unassuming way. If she had been born in a hospital, I would swear they switched babies on us.
When we arrived the girls had already been there since early morning. Everyone stopped what they were doing and shouted "Macy!" just like they used to say "Norm!" on Cheers.
Macy's first craft was to make a candle nestled in some plaster of paris with some sea shells.
They turned out very cute. We love ours. The kids fight over who gets to blow out the candle after dinner.
The next craft was to paint a bird house. Since they didn't think Macy was coming, we had to buy ours and bring it with us. They just said to pick up one that cost five dollars. There were a million bird houses that cost five dollars, so I just had Macy pick one. Of course hers is the Taj Mahal of bird houses. Everyone else's looked like this:
You would think everyone would be saying, "Why does Macy have that kind of birdhouse and I don't?" Or maybe you would think that Macy was concerned that hers didn't look like everyone else's? Nope. Everyone admired hers and Macy could have cared less if hers was different. Again, I am amazed that she is my child.
Finally she finished up with the traditional peanut butter on a pine cone and rolled in bird seed bird feeder. Fortunately for the troop, no one is allergic to peanuts.
Between craft stations the girls colored bandannas. Bandannas are a big deal in Girl Scouting when camping. They are great for all sorts of things. I didn't know about the wonder of the bandanna until I became a girl scout leader myself. Now we never go camping without several of them.
Macy's favorite thing to do with her bandanna is to wear it on her head. Her new leader is putting it on her. Her new leader is great. Everyone loves her and she does the neatest things with the girls. Her leader last year never did anything fun. The leader's excuse was that she was sick and pregnant and then she had this new baby. She was so lame. Oh yeah, that was me. Moving on . . .
Finally, after making dinner, almost burning down the cabin with an electrical fire and eating, the girls washed the dishes. Macy and I soon left to go home. It was so much fun, that we wished we could have stayed to spend the night. Maybe next year. It's a good thing we came home though because Kate decide to start throwing up at 4:00 in the morning. Now that would have been a shame to miss.


Joanna and David said...

That sounds like so much fun! Of course everyone loves her - she's awesome! I love her easy going nature and she always has a laugh for you. :)I'm glad she got to go. She looks so grown up in those pictures! Hope Kate feels better soon. Take care!

Elaine Edwards said...

I remember camping. Oh how fun! We never did the awesome stuff that Macy got to do though. Wow! What an adorable girl!