Friday, March 13, 2009

This is one cheesy ride

Behold the Cheesemobile.

This is Ben's entry for this year's Pinewood Derby. The Derby is tomorrow. Let us not forget that Ben can also enter this in the fair. I definitely think it is fairworthy.
Ben came up with the idea himself and did most of the work, although we had a neighbor cut the wedge with his electric saw and I helped hold the car while Ben drilled his cheese holes. I also helped with the wheels. He put them on, but I directed and held the car in place. It can be tricky! We glued the axels in place this time because last year one of his wheels fell off during a race and he never won a race after that happened.

We waited too late to get enough weights and when we went to get more last night, there was none to be found. We had some left over from last year, but needed to add a whole ounce to the car! We used magnets, but some are not fully attached and they need to be for his car to qualify, so I'm going glue them on tonight.This is a picture from Richard Scarry's book "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go". It was Ben's favorite book when he was little. He insists he didn't get the idea from the book, but I can't help but think this picture has been sitting in his subconscious all this time.

Edited to add: Ben didn't win anything at his pinewood derby, but he had a good time. The cheesemobile awaits it's summer entry in the fair, where I'm sure the judges will be impressed and amazed.


Joanna and David said...

How neat! I have to say that book was one of our favorites too! Nate used to request it at Geemomma and Geedaddy's all the time. Geedaddy was the best reader (even when he did fall asleep sometimes.) :) Tell Ben it's a great idea!

Elaine Edwards said...

Love the cheesecar!! That's fantastic! I'm a freecycle nut too!