Monday, March 09, 2009

WANTED: Various Household Items

If you are like me (I know, a scary thought, but stay with me) then you belong to your local Freecycle Yahoo Group. Everyday many e-mails arrive in our inbox with the titles of OFFER or WANTED. The WANTED are my favorites. I like them because they are often an easy way for me to give something away without actually having to post on Freecycle myself. I have given away carseats, clothing, lawnmower and even a computer after reading the WANTED postings on freecycle.

A week or so ago, a WANTED e-mail arrived in my inbox that totally redefined the term "household items" for me. The e-mail is printed below, exactly as it was sent to Freecycle.

WANTED: Various Household Items

I recently have moved into my first apartment and I am in desperate need of the following household items;
a 19" or bigger color televison,
working dvd and vhs players,
a microwave,
dining room set,
wooden hangers,

and pushing it but hopefully will be possible to have a working (could even be outdated) laptop that could be used for school and work.
Any of these items would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I was unable to help this person, but hopefully she was able to get some of those deperately needed "household items". Makes me wonder how I ever survived in my first apartment, since I thought all I needed was some sheets, towels and pots and pans! :)

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