Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Easy Bake Oven

Macy received an Easy-Bake oven for Christmas. We decided while Ben and Trent were in New York, we would try it out. The hardest part was just finding a 100watt light bulb that wasn't a long life or soft light. After a trip to Target, we were ready to go.
After a few lessons on how to use the oven, Macy was ready to go. Here she is sliding a tray of cookies into her oven. I still find it amazing that you can bake cookies or a cake just using a light bulb. I remember having an Easy-Bake oven when I was Macy's age, but it seemed much harder to use. Maybe it was, I know we only used it once.

Sugar cookies are always better with frosting!
The cookies were pretty tasty considering who knows how old the cookie mix that came with the oven was. Macy has offered to bake and frost the cakes for Kate's birthday. I may never have to bake again!

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mamafitz said...

we have an easy bake oven. actually, it's a 'queasy bake' oven (since it's for boys! ~_^). we love it, it's a lot of fun. there's a little cookbook you can get, called baking with mommy or something like that. it has recipes for these ovens, and you can make mixes that then the kids use to make more cakes, brownies, etc.

ah, here it is, i found it at amazon: