Saturday, September 06, 2008


Welcome to our little people village. This is the creation of Ben, Macy, Eleanor and Claire. They've been working on this for a couple of weeks now. There's quite a storyline going on. Ben is in charge of the Eddies, Macy is in charge of the Marks and some of the Sonya Lees. Eleanor is in charge of the other Sonya Lees and Claire is in charge of the babies because she loves Babies. It makes me feel good that even though Ben and Macy are considered by the world to be too old to be playing with Little People, they still do and enjoy it. Don't tell their friends. I'm sure they would deny it.
Ben also likes Legos. They are everywhere in our house. His Lego men have seen many adventures. These have jumped to their deaths from our top floor to the bottom of the stairs. I think Ben thinks I will clean them up.
Then there's box. There were Lego people in here, but Ben did manage to remove them. He's leaving the rest for me I guess.
Ben also likes cars and Bone books. They are everywhere else that there are not Lego people.
I guess he thinks I'm going to clean these up too.
And here's a close up of this backhoe. Just hanging there where Ben left it. Left it for me to clean up I think.
Ben leaves his toys all over the house and it just drives me crazy. I mean it's hard enough with five children as it is. There's toys everywhere and I can never clean like I'd like to because there are toys and books on every single flat spot in our house. The girls are bad, but Ben is the worst. Where does he get it?
Oh, this is just some boxers I'm working on for Trent and a few other little projects that I will finish up in an evening or two.
Oh, this is just some fabric I'm getting ready to make into pillowcases for the "You Be the Judge" contest for next year. My sewing machine is under there, but I need to clean out my craft cabinet to make room for it now that I no longer have a sewing room since we made it into a bedroom for Ben.
Oh this . . .this is more fabric, which is in . . . Ben's bedroom.

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :)

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