Monday, September 22, 2008

Just hanging around

Ben was home sick today. He had a bit of a stomach virus, so he had to stay home. When I walked in the front door this morning after taking Macy and Eleanor to the bus stop, I saw this:
Upon closer examination I discovered a firetruck and a backhoe hanging on for dear life to our wall.
As you can tell, we have some killer stucco on our walls. No, we didn't put it up. We'd like to get it off our walls, but other than tearing out the walls or getting a heavy duty sander, we're unsure how to deal with the stucco. This stuff is lethal. It has done some serious damage to our arms, let me tell you. It makes for a good place to hang a firetruck and a backhoe though.

Ben is feeling better. We're hoping he can go to school tomorrow. The firetruck and the backhoe? They're still there on the wall.

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