Friday, December 19, 2008


Life with five children is never dull-unless you are sitting in the hospital with one of them. Kate came down with RSV a week or so ago. By Sunday she was so sick she could hardly breathe. We had a very scary ride to the doctor and then another fun experience in the ER. They finally admitted Kate, as her blood oxygen level was 89%. Her pulse was a very high 180-200. She was very sick. This picture was taken Tuesday night and we were able to come home late Wednesday afternoon.

All I could do was hold her, which was difficult due to all the wires and tubes. I slept (if you could call it sleep) with her in the crib, since there wasn't really anywhere else to sleep. I lived for meals and when Trent was able to come and visit as that was the most exciting thing that happened all day. Eleanor was ornery to our neighbors who helped us out by watching the others so Trent could come and visit. They'll think twice before volunteering again I'm sure!

Trent did an amazing job taking care of the kids, but everything that needed to be done has not been done, because I wasn't able to get much done even before the hospital stay because Kate had been sick. Oh well. At least Kate is well. We are very blessed.


Mary said...

I am so glad she's better! Take care of yourself, too.

Audrey said...

Wow! I'm sure that was scary! I'm glad that she's okay. I've sat in the hospital with Bailee before and I hope to never have to do it again!

Doreen said...

At least she looks healthy and happy in that picture, but I'm sure that was at a "good time." Glad things are much better! Children and illness are NEVER fun and always scary--especially when so young. We have been spared this year!
Blessings to you,