Saturday, December 06, 2008

Playdough Cookies

After we came home from the Secret Shop, the fun wasn't over yet. We decided to make Playdough Cookies. I got the idea from a post at the Crafty Crow. The idea is a simple one. Take four different colors of sugar cookie dough. Place them together and roll them into a snake. Coil that into a disk, place on a cookie sheet and bake. You can make your own dough, but I had some crayola dough that I purchased through a school fundraiser that worked quite well.

Here Eleanor demonstrates how to roll the dough into a snake.

Macy has taken her snake and coiled it into a cookie.
These little lovelies are waiting to be baked in the oven. I know, they do look delicious don't they? After baking, some of the cookies looked like this:
While others looked like this:
Overall the experience was only half as frustrating as our usual cookie making sessions. Here is what we had left after I ate at least ten, maybe more.
You don't believe that I ate ten? Here's my blue tongue to prove it:
I gave a cookie to Kate. This is what she thought about it:

(Translation: There is no way I am going to eat something that looks like this.)

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