Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tart Cherries

Yesterday we picked tart cherries from a local pick your own farm. A few weeks ago we got some strawberries, but they weren't very good this year. The cherries were plentiful and tasty! We had hoped my husband could come too, as he is very tall and can easily reach the high branches, but he had to work. There may be some left for him on Saturday, but they are a popular crop. Most years they only last a day, but this year they expect the cherries to make it till the weekend. On Saturday we will go pick blueberries.

The kids were real troupers when it came to picking. Of course they like to eat while they pick and that helps. All but Ben. His incentive was the chance to slide on these big slides they have by the cherry orchards. I wore Kate in the sling and she did very well. The only problem she kept grabbing leaves and putting them into her mouth! We picked until my bucket was full and the kids found theirs too heavy to lift comfortably.
Of course after picking all those cherries, we needed to get them into the freezer, but with a 4- month old, it's hard to do that, so I put my children to work! I payed anyone who was willing to help me pit the cherries a penny a pit and so Macy and Eleanor went to work. They didn't pit them all, but they are a few dollars richer and I got my cherries pitted before midnight and put away. Thanks girls!

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Mary said...

That looks like fun! We're too far south for sour cherries, but dh checked the blueberry farm nearby and they are opening after July 1. Ahh, making memories with the kids.