Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

The baby pictured above was me thirty-nine years ago. I look a little different now:

When I told my father how old I was going to be this birthday he said, "Wow, you're getting old!". Gee thanks dad! :) I do feel old right now, but just because I'm tired. I'm always tired when I have a baby and I'm nursing. Plus we went camping over the weekend and although it went very well, it was hot. Kate did very well. I never thought I would take a young baby camping, but I did and it wasn't bad at all.
Here is my latest project completed. Individual pillowcases for our new travel pillows so we can tell who's is who. I even made one for Kate although she doesn't use a pillow yet. I originally made one for my daughter for her first sleepover with her Brownie troop and thought we should have smaller pillows for camping since there are so many of us and we seem to have to take so much stuff as it is. These will be nice to take with us this summer when we go to Georgia. No more almost leaving my pillow behind in a hotel room because it looks just like the pillows on the bed.

I am currently heating up the house with the oven to make my birthday cake (Chocolate with 7 minute frosting). Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't almost 100 degrees outside. Relief is supposed to come tonight. Let's hope! Clam spaghetti for my birthday dinner (YUM!), presents and cake will complete the evening. Now if I could just get some sewing in tonight. That would be wonderful!

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