Thursday, August 02, 2012

7 days and counting

One week to go! Today I made 13 bullion roses on the bishop baby dress. I actually had to redo several of the roses and they are still just okay, but I just had to stop and call it good. So I didn't complete the dress, but I did one of the things I hate and now it's done. Hoping to get the sleeves done on both bishop dresses and get them hemmed. I have to go to JoAnn's tomorrow to get more plastic snaps since I've used up all I had on hand.

I finished crocheting a handle for a purse for an 18" doll. Just need to sew the end of the handle to the purse and that will be done.

Tomorrow I go to JoAnn's to get fabric for the princess dresses for Claire's American Girl Doll and to get a button for the felted purse. I still need to cut out Eleanor's prairie girl costume, but I need to get a smaller pattern for the bonnet as the one that came with the size of her dress is way too big. It's wonderful that a good sale on patterns and the fabric I need will start tomorrow with an additional 25% off coupon. I'll take it!

Claire baked her cupcakes today and they are waiting in the freezer to be frosted on Friday (entry day) and Kate made her cookie dough which we froze into balls to be bake on Friday as well.

Not sure how much I will get done next week as it's going to be pretty busy and I have Ben and Eleanor using my machine to complete some of their projects. I definitely will be working at night.

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Elaine Edwards said...

Im getting excited to hear how your entries rate at the fair! 3 more days!!