Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pictures for the fair-decision time

It's that time again. The fair is fast approaching and decisions must be made. It's very late and I need to go to bed, but first I need your help deciding on which photos will be entered this year in the fair. I can only enter five. The photos I have posted are at a lower resolution for ease of posting, the real ones will look better. Please let me know which ones you like best! Here are the choices:

For portrait-one person, posed or unposed (or something like that) we have the following contenders:
Kate eating an ice cream cone (Ben and Macy's favorite)

Eleanor with a pine cone bird feeder (Trent's favorite)

And a late contender, Eleanor eating a Slurpee.

No decisions here. I'm entering this one in portrait-two or more people. I'm pretty sure I will enter this one unless I take a better picture between now and the fair. I like it. The judges may not, but I do, so I'm entering it.

Next we have some strawberries. Like it. Entering it.

Next we have another choice. If I decide to enter a picture in the animal category do I go with:
Cuttlefish. One of my favorite animals.
Jellyfish (Ben and Trent's favorite choice).

Panda. (Macy's favorite)

Or do I not enter anything in the animal category and go with this Praying Mantis:
View one
Or View Two

Or here we have a photo from last year's fair:
This would be entered in "Photo from 2008 fair."

So I'm definitely entering a one person portrait-but which one? Definitely entering two or more person portrait. Definitely entering strawberries.

Then comes the hard/confusing/whatever part. Do I enter one animal photo (which one) and the praying mantis one (again which one)? Or one animal and tractors at the fair? Or praying mantis and tractors?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I need to go to bed, but feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

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Paul said...

Hi Micki,

For the one person portrait, I like the one of Kate best.

For the others, I would go with one of the fish (probably the jellyfish) and the tractors (might want to crop to lose some the stuff in the upper left).

But just that's what I think. You're the one entering the photos. How about entering the ones YOU like best?

Best of luck to you. I'm sure I'll see lots of ribbons on your entries.