Monday, May 04, 2009

Kate is nuts for Nutella

Hi, my name is Kate and I like Nutella!

I especially like to eat it spread on a homemade waffle.

Just look at all that wonderful Nutella.

My mommy likes to eat Nutella on a banana.

Macy and Eleanor like to eat Nutella on a bagel in the morning for breakfast.

If we don't have any bagels, they'll eat it on bread.

Claire likes Nutella too, but she licks the Nutella off the bagel and leaves the bagel. That makes mommy mad, so Claire isn't allowed to have Nutella on a bagel anymore.

My daddy likes Nutella on bananas like my mommy.

My brother doesn't like Nutella. He doesn't really like a lot of things.

This waffle would be so much better if it just had a little more Nutella on it.

What do you mean I've had enough Nutella already?

Please? Just a little bit more.

If you give me some more Nutella, I will give you a big kiss!

I am so glad I'm not allergic to tree nuts!


Audrey said...

Very, very cute!

Elaine Edwards said...

I've seen Nutella in the store but never bought it. Your little one would make the perfect advertisement for the stuff. What great photos and you are so patient!! ha ha