Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pilot jackets and a costume preview.

I made these pilot jackets for Macy's class when she was in Kindergarten because they were doing an airport/airplane unit. Eleanor has the same teacher, so I made some for the other two classes so they would all have some. I just took a ready to wear sweatshirt and cut it up the middle, removed the neck, wrist, and waist bands. Turned under the edges, added gold braid and buttons.
I used iron-on paper for my printer to make the crest and the wings.

They are machine washable and sturdy. Just right for kindergarten!
Here's what Claire may be wearing for Halloween. She keeps changing her mind so stay tuned.
I made this snow white dress for Macy using the same pattern as the dress for Claire. In fact they are the same size. I made the dress for Macy's 5th birthday and she's just now decided she wants to wear it for Halloween. It's a bit small, but it should work. I finished the cape last night using a different pattern.
And here we have Eleanor as Erika in Barbie's The Princess and the Pauper. (Don't you love the wig?) I used McCalls 5731 and made a few changes. It looks more like the gown in the actual movie. Eleanor was very pleased. I just need to hem it. I was hoping it would be fairworthy, but unfortunately this happened:
I used Organdy ribbon for the ruffle, didn't use a press cloth and melted the ribbon. At least it's in the back. I told Eleanor this makes the dress more authentic since Erika is a pauper after all.

Ben is going to be a ninja-almost done, but Kate is pretty sick with a cold so no sewing tonight.

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Doreen said...

I know you are a better seamstress than I am so I'm coming to you with a question. I get a lot of hooded sweatshirts as coaches' gifts at the end of the season, but I have a large head and usualy don't want to mess up my hair taking them on and off. Is there someway that I can put a slit down the front (can't be too far as their is usually some name acorss the chest) to make the opening bigger? and if so how do I do it?
you can reply to my email box doreenbl @ waldsfe.org (or course without spaces).

I do enjoy your blog--it is a delight to see another mom love what she does!