Friday, October 31, 2008

Ben's costume

I wanted to do a quick write up about Ben's costume. He wanted to be a Ninja for Halloween. I bought a long sleeved black t-shirt from the boy's section at Target and some long black leggings from the girl's section. Ben wanted a hood, so I foundMcCalls 2940 and it had a ninja costume with a hood. I bought a men's black t-shirt from target (so the fabric would match and made the hood from that. The hood was meant for wovens, so it's a bit stretchy and the pattern was an adult pattern, but it worked well since Ben has a big head.
Ben then decided he wanted a dragon. I bought a short sleeved boys t-shirt from Target and found this dragon image on-line. Printed it out on iron-on paper and cut it out and ironed it on the t-shirt. Ben will be able to wear it this summer. I could have ironed it on the long sleeved shirt, but Ben would more likely wear something like this on a short sleeved shirt than a long sleeved one. Don't ask me why, that's just how he is.

I finally bought an x-large boys red t-shirt and cut it into strips. I basted them to the sleeves, waist and ankles at the seam lines and then we wrapped and tied them around his arms, waist and legs.

I could have purchased a store bought costume for a little less than I payed for all the pieces for this one. It would have been worn twice (once to school, once for trick-or-treating). It would have been made out of horrible polyester fabric. Now Ben will have two t-shirts to wear. We'll save the black pants for the girls for when they get bigger. He'll probably wear the hood a lot around the house. He likes to pretend we don't know who he is when he wears it.

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