Thursday, February 28, 2008

A day at the beach

We interrupt this post to put in a gratuitous picture of Kate with her big sister Eleanor. We had Kate's two week check up today and almost everything looks good. Her abdomen is larger on one side than the other and it's probably nothing, but she will have to have an ultrasound to make sure all is where it's supposed to be. She has gained back to her birth weight and seems to be doing super. We are really enjoying having her at home and she's not making me too tired.

Now back to our regular post. . .

Even though I'm supposed to be resting, I've been a bit busy with putting together an auction "basket" for our school's PTA silent auction. Since I'm room mom for one of my daughters, it's one of my jobs to send out notes to the other parents, gather supplies and money and put the whole thing together. The auction is this Saturday and I got everything in just under the wire! I was hoping parents would send things in early so I could get most of it done before Kate was born, but no such luck. As it was, I received very few donations and had to do a lot of fill in myself. One of the dangers of being room mom!

Even though it's still winter, Target had a lot of "beach" type items already in their store. Not in one place, so you had to know where to look, but still I was able to get almost everything we needed. The only item I was not able to get there (and I was not going to go all over town with a new baby trying to find it either) was a beach bag. I remembered Ann Steeves (of Georgeous Things) posted how to make a quick and easy Two-Hour tote bag at BeSewStylish. I had some netting we used for a sandbox cover, in our shed and some k.p. kids cotton fabric with a beach theme I had received years ago through a coop in my stash. About two hours later, here is the result:
I made the bag a bit bigger than Ann's directions, but it went together very well and I'm pleased with the result. Here's a picture of the completed "basket":

Now that I'm feeling mostly normal again, I found myself really enjoying sewing again. It will be hard for a while since Kate likes me best right now, but I'm already starting to get ideas of things I can work on next! For now though, it's an early to bed night since I spent my nap sewing instead of sleeping. Oh and my daughter Macy brought home the newest Junie B., First Grader book that I haven't read and I'm going read that tonight before she takes it back to school. What a treat!


Mary said...

That looks fantastic, Micki. I made a beach bag very similar to that a couple of years ago. I wish I was there to bid on it! Hope you get some relaxing sewing time.

mamafitz said...

ALL that went in the basket? wow, that's a lot of stuff! the beach bag looks great (i'll have to make one of those for this summer).

thanks for reinforcing my thought that i NEVER want to be a room mother. :)

Anonymous said...

super cool!

ok you are inspiring me to at least finish the blind for my son's room and the duvet cover--i know it's only cutting, pinning and sewing 2 sides up. It's only 9pm pt and I'm exhausted. I don't think I can whine with only 2 boys. I'm glad you like junie b too.