Monday, October 08, 2007

Today Ellie is Five!!!!

Where did the time go? It's been a very busy weekend and we're still not done with the fun yet! After a dinner of hot dogs, pasta and grapes, we will be eating the above cake made by Ellie and myself. Don't let the pink frosting with purple sprinkles fool you, there is a carrot cake lurking underneath. I can't help but wonder if a carrot cake by any other color will taste as good. Hmmm.

These were the cupcakes requested for her big party on Saturday. They are just a white box cake mix with a chocolate ganache frosting on top. I got the frosting recipe from baking bites. The only problem was when I made the frosting and gave a taste, it was much too strong. I didn't even use all bittersweet chocolate. I had a bit of dark chocolate, some semi-sweet and the rest was regular milk chocolate. Still very strong for a bunch of five year olds. Luckily I had a container of vanilla frosting hiding in my pantry. I mixed it in with the chocolate and it was deemed perfect. Ellie added the cherries on top. Most all of the children ate only the frosting. I don't blame them, it was the best part! I just need to finish one more present (which is actually fair related) and then I am done with this birthday girl. I'll post about the present in the next day or so.

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mamafitz said...

happy birthday miss ellie! happy birth-day to you too, micki! i like making birthday cakes, they are usually so fun and frivilous.