Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is this a blog about the fair or what?

Well it is, but I've been busy okay?? Since we entered well over 50 items this year, I will just point out some highlights. Just for the record, we did not receive ribbons for every thing that we entered. I also did not win Homemaker of the year, but I did get a lot of red ribbons. Next year if I can turn those into blue, I may finally win that prize. Then again . . .

Here I am in the Home Arts building with my dear friend Kunni. She is one of the superintendents of the Home Arts building. She's grooming me to take over some day in the distant future. She's won homemaker of the year. She's coaching me on what I need to do to accomplish that too. She's the best.

Me-Fabric tote bag-2nd place.

Eleanor-no bake cookies-First!

Me-Alice in Wonderland dress I made for Eleanor. Entered it as a dress, not a costume-first!

Ben-Computer altered photo-first!

Me-Fall/Winter Attendant's Dress-First and champion in bridal wear.

Adult Costume-first and Champion with a grand champion ribbon thrown in for good measure for the Adult Leisure wear category.

Me-Children's costume birth-7-First and champion with Grand champion ribbon thrown in for Children's everyday wear. Yes, Claire wishes she could wear this everyday. She has the hair for it!

Eleanor-garment made by child 12 and younger-first place plus champion for special classes-her first purple ribbon!!

Me-child's skirt-first

Trent-Banana cupcakes with Caramel frosting-3rd!

Me-smocking-bishop birth-6x-second. Gathers too tight, but they liked my cast on flowers.

Me-Black and White photo-humor-first. My first blue ribbon in photography ever. None of my other pictures even placed.

Me-crocheted Barbie dress-first!

Me-felted bag-2nd. The first time I've felted!

Ben-7 layer chocolate cake-2nd!

Me-Old MacDonald-first for hand puppet. Cow-first for animal best representing the fair.

Me-Old MacDonald's friends-2nd in group of animals 3-5 items.

Macy-blueberry preserves-First! This is against adults, they don't have a kids division! First time ever making preserves.

Eleanor-Lego scene-first. If you look closely you can see it's an outdoor theater and they are watching Harry Potter which is also Lego.

Claire-Mr. and Mrs. Snowman drawing-Honorable mention.

And finally my placemat. It won the most votes for senior day! I lost to the most over all vote prize by one vote, but I'm okay with that. The winner was truly deserving. As I've said in the past, never under estimate the power of a Washington Redskins' fan. Oh and I also won for most placemats made-198 total. :) Next year Christmas stockings for soldiers. Feel free to send any fun fabrics you may have collecting dust my way!

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