Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

My son's middle school put on a fabulous production of Alice in Wonderland last weekend. The school puts on a wonderful spring musical every year, but this year I got to help with the costumes! I made 5 (yes, that's right) versions of Simplicity 3878 for the mean, I mean, main flowers in the musical. The worst part of this whole thing was the cutting out and marking. Lots of pieces and cutting out things is never something I enjoy. Oh and the tulle. There was a million yards of tulle required (or so it seemed). I soon started referring to the dresses as Tulle monsters 1-5.

On an interesting side note, my son was not in the play, did not help with the play, but he did watch the play. After working on the dresses for many days and having our small house covered in tulle and satin, one of the dresses lay, almost completed, over a chair. Ben saw it and said, "What is that?" I said, "One of the dresses for the Alice in Wonderland play". To which he said, "When did you start making those?" Nice that my son is so observant. :) He thinks he would like to help on the play crew next year. I'll be happy to help sew some more.

For more info on the pattern and construction, click on my pattern review found on my side bar.

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