Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Eleanor!!!

Today was Eleanor's birthday. Today she turned 8!!! It was a fun filled day of school, donuts, ice cream, presents and performing with the high school poms team with her sisters.

For Eleanor's party, we did things a little different. She invited a few close friends and they painted pottery! Here they are picking out their paint colors.

Eleanor is making me proud by painting a mug. I love it when she makes something that is useful. I'm all about things being useful as opposed to things that just sit there and collect dust, because who has time to dust? Doesn't Eleanor look young in this picture? That's because she's not 8 yet. We had her party before she turned 8.

Hey, this does not look useful. It looks very much like something that will collect dust. Oh yeah, it's a pumpkin that the store owner gave her to paint for their pumpkin contest.

Eleanor is a think outside the box type of girl.

We finished up the day with a trip to California Pizza Kitchen for some yummy dinner and ice cream sundaes. What a fun day!!!!

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