Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He's a jolly happy soul.

Claire wanted a Christmas dress for her Christmas program today at school. I've been working on this smocking plate off and on for a little while now. This was just what I needed to get it done!The material was salvaged from a jumper dress I had made for myself when I was teaching. I had several with different fun fabrics. This is the last one that I've cut down to make into a dress for my girls. The fabric is a perfect match for the smocking plate!
Here's a close up. I'm sad to report that later in the day after this photo was taken, Claire got ketchup on the O in the first "ho". I hope it will come out, but if it doesn't then I won't be able to enter it in the fair. The risk of letting the item be worn in between fairs!

Edited to add: The ketchup stain came out! Don't worry, I'll let Claire wear this dress as much as she wants, even if it means it can't be entered in the fair. I just always hope it will stay nice so that I can enter it in the fair!


Mary said...

That is so sweet. I would let her wear it, so many of the smocked dresses I made for my girl were only worn once for a photo. Sad.

Elaine Edwards said...

Beautiful Mickey!!!