Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay, I promised a post about my fair winnings. To be honest, this feels a little like when I used to write my grandmother and tell her about every single present I got for Christmas. So instead I'll just show you a pictures of my ribbons. It was a good year. Here's a couple of highlights:
So pleased this dress won after everything I went through. So glad I didn't give up and throw the completed smocked piece away. The judge commented "Your smocking compliments the fabric!" So glad she thought so since I bought the fabric to compliment the smocking!

I made this dress for someone at church who was in her sister's wedding. I'm so pleased it also won a big ribbon. I will admit though that I think I was the only entry in Wedding garments. That said, I once was the only entry in Tailored Garments and I only got a red ribbon because that's what I deserved. So if they didn't feel like it was champion worthy, well then I wouldn't have gotten the ribbon.

All the kids did really well and Macy won a champion ribbon in Children's Candy for some chocolate fudge she made. Recipe came right off the back of the Marshmallow Fluff jar. Maybe it was the Trader Joe's Belgium chocolate that put it over the top. Claire's first entry of chocolate chip cookies won first place in children's and adult's. I have never been able to do that. Maybe since I helped her a bit, you could say I almost won a blue ribbon in cookies. I did get a blue ribbon for my Lemon Poppy Seed muffins, even though I forgot to put the almond and vanilla extract in the glaze. My cheesecake was undercooked and so it did not even get judged and there was a big "Undercooked. DO NOT SELL" written on it's tag. How embarrassing. See, after the judging they cut up half the cakes, take half the cookies, etc. and sell them to support 4-H. I only know about my cheesecake, because I had to pick up my spring form pan bottom. Oh well, there is always next year.

Ben and Eleanor each received a ribbon for all of their photography entries which is very difficult. None of the rest of us were able to do that. In fact poor Trent got no ribbons on his pictures and only received 7th place for his toilet. I was surprised. This year's toilet was so much better than last years which placed 4th. Oh well, go figure.
Here's a picture of some of the ribbons I've earned over the past few years. I have a lot more little ribbons, but I think they're in my hope chest. I keep wondering what to do with them. For now they're in a drawer with some yarn and other knitting/crocheting supplies.

As I was going through the ribbons, I made some observations (please forgive that the photos are sideways, I was too lazy to take the extra steps to rotate).
Here is the very first champion ribbon (Adult Tailored Garment-Men's Sport coat) I ever earned.
Last year the above ribbon was the champion ribbon. Not the Grand Champion or even Best of Show, but just champion. Now granted it was the special 60th anniversary year of the fair, but still.

It was even bigger than the Best of Show ribbon.

This how the progression used to look.

Now there's no difference between the grand champion and the champion ribbon. In fact the Best of Show ribbons are still a bit smaller than their lesser prizes. Funny!

In case you were wondering, I've already started on my preemie blankets for "You Be the Judge." Two are completed (crocheted) and I have material to make some "quilted" ones as well. I'm hoping to win the most made contest again. It will be tougher this year since I really irritated some people who thought they were a shoe in with 40 pillowcases. Ben was pleased because we received a special prize of Miniature Golf tickets just for him since he challenged me to make so many. Me? I won a gift certificate to a nail salon. I was really hoping for a gift certificate to Jo Ann's since I am a horrible nail biter. I'm thinking I'll take the girls for a special manicure instead.

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mamafitz said...

wow, look at all those fancy pretty ribbons! mine are all stashed in a box too, i was kinda thinking of maybe putting a strip of cork right below the ceiling in my sewing room and pinning the ribbons to that.