Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yesterday we took the family up to Baltimore for the day. We often go in the summer, but I was feeling so sick and time slipped away. So we planned for January instead (brrrr it was very cold!). We went to Port Discovery in the morning. Port Discovery is a children's museum with a large indoor play space. You may have heard of it a couple of years ago when they had a hot air balloon full of families go kind of crazy. Needless to say that particular feature isn't offered any longer. While we were there we purchased a family membership so we can get into the Creative Discovery museum in Chattanooga my children were eyeing this winter and Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta this summer when we visit my in-laws. There are several others that offer reciprocal programs that are very close to us that I think we will take advantage of just because we can!
After lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (yum!), we spent the afternoon at the Baltimore Aquarium. I was hoping this picture I took would be clearer and then I could enter it in the fair, but it's too blurry.

Looking back, I wished we hadn't gone to the aquarium. It was very crowded due to the fact it was a holiday. We saw mostly the back of people looking at the fish/animals than the animals themselves. It was hard to keep everyone together, even when they were trying to stay with us. (What is it with people cutting into an obvious family trying to separate the children from the adults?) The kids were tired after a very busy morning climbing, running and playing and as a result just a little bit cranky. Next time we're only doing one thing. To be honest, the aquarium doesn't offer much more than what we can see at the National Zoo and that's free. Okay, there's no dolphins, but that was just a small part of the afternoon.

I need to get busy cutting out a few items and sewing them up before the baby comes. Ben's teacher is due the month after me and I would like to sew something new for our baby coming up (about one more month!). Now if I could just find the energy and make my stomach behave!

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