Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Macy!!!!!

Thursday was actually Macy's birthday, but today was the first chance she had to wear the one present I made for her, so I'm posting now.

Since Macy was turning 7 we asked her if she would like an American Girl "Just Like Me" doll and she said yes. Of course that meant I needed to make matching clothes! The dress for Macy is Kwik Sew 2708 size 4 but arms and skirt lengthened. The doll's dress was Simplicity 4654 with the sleeves lengthened. Both dresses were made from a very soft pink velour I think I purchased at G street fabrics or maybe it was can't remember. It was a bear to sew. I actually tried to make the same dress for Macy last year for her birthday, but it was a disaster and I had good intentions of trying again before now, but obviously failed. I mentioned to her that I made the dress and she was very surprised. She said, "I thought you bought it.", but was pleased nonetheless. I'm planning on making at least one more matching outfit for her and her doll for Christmas. Here's a full length shot of the dress:
Now Ellie wants a dress just like it but in Red. I have the red velour and so that's one Christmas present I'm planning on for her. I'm not looking forward to sewing with it though! Even with my differential feed to the max and some major stabilizing and the use of elastic here and there, this material is wobbly. The neckline isn't as nice as I would like it so I'm not sure if I'll enter it in the fair. We'll see. Of course I already noticed some marker spots on the sleeves. If those don't wash out, then it won't be entered in the fair since they require things to be clean and unmarked. Hard when you have children wearing them!


Mary said...

How sweet! She looks so happy.

I used to do a fair amount of AG doll and girl sewing, but my dd is 11 and is starting to outgrow it. Have fun with it.

mamafitz said...

happy birthday macy!

i had a matching nightgown for my Mandy doll (remember her? my friend mandy -- she was blond -- and my friend jenny. she was brunette. there was a redhead, but i didn't have her). anyway, i LOVED matching my doll! somewhere i have a photo of the two of us in our nightgowns and curlers in our hair. :)